Adhesive 10Oz 2 Per 3X5

ADA Solutions

ADAGLUE3 Size: 10 Oz; 2 Per 36" X 60"

Quick Overview

  • For interior or exterior use

  • High performance adhesive used for installation of ADA Tactile Warning Surface (TWS) Panels
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M-1® Adhesive/Sealant is a one-part, low odor, fast skinning (20 minutes), trowel applied/gun grade, high strength 100% solids polyether based adhesive which will provide a tenacious bond between ADA Tactile Warning Surface and Wayfinding Products and any properly prepared underlying concrete substrate. M-1® Adhesive/Sealant is solvent free, VOC compliant and will not outgas or bubble on damp surfaces. M-1® Adhesive/Sealant can also be used as a perimeter sealant for ADA TWS Product line installations. Application of the M-1® Adhesive/Sealant results in a superior architectural finish for the ADA TWS Panel, as well as creating a consistent beveled finish between the ADA TWS Panel and adjacent substrate.

Additional Information

Manufacturer: ADA Solutions

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